Mike Frederigo


Mike Frederigo is a design artist from the Netherlands. His Arts usually represent the most prominent figures and icons in the fashion world. His recent showcase at the Spoke Art Gallery in New York caught everyone's attention. Most recently, he transformed his work into prints for an independent streetwear collection. Taking inspiration from iconic streetwear brands like Supreme and Stussy, the collection features several pieces ranging from T shirts, Loose fitting tops, Jackets, and coats. Check out a few of the pieces from the collection above. Let me know what you think below.

Riffing on the logos of popular brands like Supreme and Stussy, and caricatures of Cara Delevingne and Karl Lagerfeld, the unisex collection features a range of pieces, from T-shirts, to loose fitting tops, jackets and coats. To get a better look at the designs, head to his web store, and stay tuned for the upcoming and ambitiously titled “World Tour”.

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