KITH x Nike x Lebron James

We finally have an official look at the trio of tribute sneakers. Featuring both performance and lifestyle silhouettes, the line-up offers fresh takes on the mid-top model.

Both Lifestyle XV models — “Stained Glass” (light) and “Concrete” (dark) — feature textured Flyknit uppers and pull tabs on each side of the shaft. Velcro-fastened straps bearing beveled “LONG LIVE THE KING” text circle around the forefoot, midfoot, and rear heel of each sneaker, ensuring a snug fit. As seen in the teaser images, the straps can be removed and replaced; each model comes with two full straps and one-half strap, and can also be worn without any straps, allowing for four different configurations. Meanwhile, the “Rose Gold” Performance XV features a gold RiRi zipper running the full length of the upper. Side openings allow for a versatile fit, as laces can be worn over, underneath or to the side of the zipper, or removed entirely. All of the sneakers feature an ornate lion detail on the heel of the outsole, reaffirming King James legendary status.

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